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The Jiva FrameworkTM, Bigfish's proprietary culture assessment software, is the first step in scientifically creating a holistic work culture of sustainable profits.
Our aim is to explore how corporations can take strategic actions toward the sustainable growth of their employees and profits. In order to reach this sustainability, all parts of the system—individuals within organizations within society within the biosphere—have to change. But...

" What if change is less about reorganizing, restructuring, and reengineering, and more about reconceiving?

Goran Castesdt
Göran Carstedt
Former President of IKEA (USA) and Volvo (Sweden)
Bigfish - elements

Bigfish works with humanity's longest-standing companion: natural elements

We use the balance of these elements, psychology, and human behavior in the daily life of an organization to help you create a gold-standard workplace culture. The end result? An unbiased, statistically sound diagnosis of your organization's current culture imbalances. And with this information, you've already won half the battle.

Measure every important experience in an employee's lifecycle

From a talent's onboarding experience to their happiness quotient and even their flight risk, continuously monitor a host of key benchmarks to reflect to the management through our AI-enabled software.

Bigfish analysis of employee lifecycle