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Empower a connected, cohesive, and high-performance culture

Gravity helps your workforce stay connected, increases transparency, improves team dynamics, and builds strong internal communication and engagement.

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Promote an impactful and inclusive recognition culture
Company DNA

Highlight company DNA with peer groups and discussions

Be it a group discussion on new sales tactics or a fun outing with like-minded people, encourage employees to participate in digital groups, form cohesive work relationships, and problem-solve to bring more creative ideas to life.

Make employee collaboration fun

Bring your team's creativity and design-led thinking to life through virtual games that focus on customer centricity, innovation, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, the right code of conduct, and other core company objectives. Also run thoughtful internal campaigns to enhance team building and collaboration.


Find all key announcements, events, and feedback in one central communication platform

Push important company announcements to your teams across demographics to ensure they're always aligned and informed. Also conduct all digital events under one roof, whether it's a Christmas party or a townhall meeting.

Integrate Spotlight to fulfill the human need for recognition

Create a seamless integration betweenSpotlight and your existing apps and tools.

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Hear from the people who've used Gravity

In the post-Covid era, many health workers feel burnt out from the heavy workload. We were on the hunt for a tool that would help improve their morale, allowing them to engage, celebrate each other, and participate in activities both digitally and on-site. Gravity stepped up to the plate and shaped our innovative culture for both our on-site and off-site employees.

Matthew Young
Chief Executive Officer of Green Health Enterprises

Effective communication was a challenge with our remote branches spread far and wide. We were missing the cohesiveness that comes from having all employees in one place. Gravity came to the rescue, providing centralized communications that helped us celebrate key moments in our performance, key company milestones, and more, making all employees feel like part of our big family!

Jessica Scott
Human Resources Manager at Crimson Innovations

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