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Retain your people by listening to and evolving with them

Empower your workforce with Flow, an AI-backed continuous feedback solution created by an award-winning People Science team. Within Flow, Bigfish uses its proprietary JIVA Framework™ to diagnose any organization's culture imbalances, and to strategize and maximize their employee performance and retention.

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Promote an impactful and inclusive recognition culture
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Our People Science team is here for you

Bigfish's team of quantum physicists, psychotherapists, coaches, and AI specialists brings together a continuous feedback software to help you understand the impact of your workplace's dynamics on its culture.

Diagnose culture imbalances and win half the battle

Through ten key, research-backed dimensions, Bigfish helps you measure any organizational culture imbalance. Our team of psychiatrists and therapists has carefully designed questions, hand-picked from each dimension, to gain holistic insights.

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Get meaningful, continuous, AI-enabled feedback

Get fool-proof, holistic, and meaningful insights through continuous year-round surveys derived from research-backed cognitive and emotional behavior studies. And say goodbye to one-off surveys, double-barred questions, and assumptive questions that create skewed and inaccurate data.

Track, monitor, and analyze

Gather deep insights and analytics on how psychological safety impacts your employees' performance and work culture. This is the unbiased, statistically sound data which the management can bet their bottom dollar on.


Integrate Spotlight to fulfill the human need for recognition

Create a seamless integration betweenSpotlight and your existing apps and tools.

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Hear from the people who've used Flow

A healthy culture requires transparency and the ability to bring about immediate change. Bigfish’s Flow provides the tools to dive in and make the right choices.

Victoria Morgan
Human Resources Manager at Franklin & Co.

The most remarkable aspect of Flow is how it provides us with so much relevant data, taking one aspect of the employee lifecycle and allowing us to tweak our HR policies and management styles to solve any problems that arise. It's truly unique!

Benjamin West
Chief Financial Officer at Starlight Industries

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