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Our Story

India currently employs the youngest workforce of all the countries bringing Millenials to the forefront of both small
and big organizations. As the blur of boundaries between professionalism and personal life intensifies affecting
every aspect from attire to attitude, the interaction between organizations and their employees has reached a point
of saturation and begs a revision.

Travelled the Seven Seas



Venture Capital





BigFish, a millennial tool created by four versed individuals who have experienced work ethics across diverse industries in their cross-cultural experiences across the world.

The team has traversed independently through various industries including, Energy, Hospitality, Venture Capital, FMCG, Airlines, Banking, Consulting and others!

Karan and Sanjeev, along with Abhijeet and Mahesh decided to direct their expertise honed from countries like U.S.A, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, U.K, and India, towards this evolving organizational behaviour.

Bigfish Team

Karan Gupta

Co-founder & CEO

Alumni of the Melbourne Business School, Australia, Karan has over 12 years of cross-industry experience in the fields of Venture Capital, Consulting and Entrepreneurship, currently serving on the board of 5 Indian companies. He has also been a co-promoter of a VC backed finance company in 2010.

Sanjeev Bhuttan

Co-founder & COO

After completing his M.Sc in Management and Investment Strategy st Nottingham Business School, UK, Sanjeev has earned over 12 years of experience in risk analysis in the Physical Oil industry in Geneva and Netherlands. Along with Big Fish, Sanjeev has also Co-founded Spordy Ltd in 2014, a health and fitness application operating in Switzerland.

Abhijeet Shinde


A passionate software engineer, with over 14 years of experience building digital products, Abhijeet has worked in different capacities as an Architect, Quality Engineer, Product Engineer and as a Team coach Mentor. In these years, he has been part of the senior engineering team for Peel-works, Pune, which specializes in providing software to manage extended sales force for large organisations.

Mahesh Patil

Product Head

In his 13 years of career in Product Roadmapping and Strategizing, Mahesh has worked as a product manager at Peel works, with Engineering, Quality assurance, Design and Marketing teams to create synergies leading to high quality products for different domains. During his time in Peel Works and Saba Software as a project manager and team lead, he has closely worked with Abhijeet on different projects.

Big Fish is a carefully formulated solution for the evolving workplace atmosphere in India.
A tool to change the dialogue between the maker and manager in every organization to
achieve greater results by keeping employees inspired.

Creating Experiences to Evolve Together.