40 Christmas Gifts for Employees to Make Their Day Merry 

December 7, 2023
10 mins

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for employees that are sure to please? Look no further!

Your employees have worked hard all year, so they deserve to be treated to something special. But with so many options for holiday gifts for employees out there, it can take time to figure out where to start.

That's where we come in! With the spirit of the season in mind, we've put together a list of 40 Christmas gift ideas for employees that are sure to put a smile on their faces. From personalized Christmas gifts to some affordable ones, we have something for everyone on your list.

So get ready to spread some holiday joy and make your employees' Christmas extra merry and bright with these amazing gift ideas! And remember, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. 

So don't be afraid to get creative and put some thought into your gifts. Your employees will appreciate it!

Happy shopping!

Unique Christmas Gifts For Employees

When it comes to showing your employees that you value their hard work and dedication, opting for unique Christmas gifts can truly stand out. These gifts not only express your appreciation but also demonstrate that you've put thought into selecting something exceptional.

1. A Personalized Star Map

This gift is a beautiful and unique way to show your employees how much you appreciate them. The map will display the night sky on the date of your choosing, making it a captivating reminder of a special moment. You can even have it personalized with the employee's name and a special message, adding a personal touch that's out of this world.

2. Handcrafted Artisanal Chocolates

Ditch the standard box of chocolates and opt for a selection of artisanal, handcrafted chocolates. These delectable treats are culinary works of art, boasting unique flavors and intricate designs that not only satisfy the taste buds but also delight the eyes, making every bite a remarkable experience.

3. A DNA Test Kit

Perfect for the employee with a curious soul, the DNA test kit is a fascinating journey into one's heritage. It allows them to learn more about their ancestry, tracing the roots of their family and uncovering connections to different corners of the world. It's a gift that reveals the story of their origins.

4. Mystery Dinner Experience

Treat your employees to a memorable evening with a mystery dinner experience. They'll step into a captivating world of intrigue and suspense, solving a thrilling mystery while savoring gourmet cuisine. It's a unique and immersive way to bond with colleagues and enjoy a night to remember.

5. Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer

A unique desk organizer crafted from high-quality wood can elevate your employees' workspaces to new heights. Not only does it help keep things tidy and organized, but it also adds a touch of style and sophistication, making their desks both efficient and visually appealing.

6. Food and Drink Tasting Box

Curate a box filled with gourmet snacks, exotic teas, or craft beers, allowing your employees to embark on a culinary adventure from the comfort of their homes. It's an opportunity to explore new and exciting flavors, discovering tastes from around the world, and savoring delicious discoveries.

7. Handblown Glass Terrarium

Gift your employees with handblown glass terrariums, miniature worlds enclosed in elegant glass vessels. These delicate and captivating displays bring a touch of nature to their spaces, infusing their surroundings with greenery and tranquility. It's a beautiful and artistic addition to any workspace.

8. Retro Arcade Game Console

Bring back the nostalgia of retro arcade games with a compact game console that fits right on their desk. It's not just a fun and unique stress reliever but also a source of joy and entertainment, reminding them of the simple pleasures of the past.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Employees

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer and appreciation, there's nothing quite like a thoughtful gift. These carefully chosen presents express your gratitude and show your employees just how much you care.

9. Charitable Donations In Their Name

Go for a donation to their favorite charity in their name. This gift shows that you support their values and that you care about the causes they care about.

10. Treats Basket

A gift basket filled with their favorite snacks and treats. This gift shows that you appreciate their hard work and that you want them to enjoy the holiday season.

11. A Gift Of Time

Offer to help them with a project or to take over one of their tasks for a day. This gift shows that you care about their workload and that you want to help them succeed.

12. Chill Session

A gift that helps them to relax and de-stress, such as a gift card for a massage, a subscription to a meditation app, or a set of aromatherapy candles. This gift shows that you care about their well-being and that you want them to take some time for themselves.

13. Custom Desk Nameplate

Show your employees that they have a special place in the company by gifting them with custom desk nameplates featuring their names and titles.

14. Thoughtfully Curated Bookmarks

Select unique and elegant bookmarks, each tailored to the reading preferences of individual employees.

15. Handwritten Letters of Gratitude

Pen heartfelt letters expressing your appreciation for each employee's contributions and dedication.

16. Hobby-Related Gifts

Choose gifts that align with your employees' hobbies or interests, showing that you know and care about their passions.

Personalized Christmas Gifts For Employees

When it comes to celebrating your employees during the holiday season, personalized gifts add an extra layer of warmth and thoughtfulness. These gifts not only show your appreciation but also highlight the individuality of each team member.

17. Customized Portrait Illustrations

Have a talented artist create custom portrait illustrations of your employees. It's a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate each team member's uniqueness.

18. Personalized Playlist on Vinyl

Convert a playlist of your company's favorite songs or personal tracks into a vinyl record. This nostalgic gift combines the charm of vinyl with a personalized touch.

19. Recipe Book

Create a recipe book filled with employees' favorite recipes. Include some office classics and handwritten notes from colleagues.

20. Customized Pop Art

Turn your employees' photos into vibrant pop art pieces. These unique artworks will add a splash of color to their homes.

21. Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Provide monogrammed wine glasses that employees can use to raise a toast during festive occasions.

22. Perfume or Cologne

Offer a customized fragrance experience, allowing employees to create their own signature scent, complete with personalized labels.

23. Personalized 3D Printed Figurines

Have 3D figurines made that resemble each employee, capturing their unique features and personality.

24. Customized Sound Wave Bracelet

Create bracelets with sound waves of each employee's voice saying "Thank you" or a special message, reminding them of your appreciation.

Affordable Christmas Gifts For Employees

Celebrating your employees during the holiday season doesn't have to be a budget-buster. There are plenty of budget-friendly Christmas gifts for employees that are both affordable and sure to make your team feel valued and appreciated. Here you’ll find such Christmas gifts for employees on a budget.

25. Mini Succulent Plants

Present mini succulent plants, which are not only easy to care for but also add a touch of greenery and tranquility to their workspaces, offering a refreshing break from the daily hustle and bustle.

26. Festive Desk Decorations

Provide small, holiday-themed desk decorations, like mini Christmas trees or whimsical holiday-themed desk ornaments. These delightful adornments infuse their workstations with a merry spirit, creating a festive atmosphere that's sure to boost morale.

27. Reusable Shopping Bags

Offer reusable shopping bags adorned with a charming holiday design, encouraging eco-friendly habits. Not only are these bags a convenient choice for groceries and errands, but they also promote sustainability, spreading the holiday message of giving back to the planet.

28. Holiday-Themed Mugs

Provide mugs adorned with festive designs and heartwarming holiday greetings, perfect for sipping hot cocoa or coffee. These cups serve as cozy companions during work breaks, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

29. Holiday Candles

Offer small, holiday-scented candles to infuse their homes with the delightful fragrances of the season. These candles provide a sensory escape, enveloping their living spaces with the comforting scents of the holidays, making remote work cozier.

30. Desk Calendars

Provide compact desk calendars brimming with fun or motivational daily quotes for the upcoming year. These calendars keep employees organized while delivering a daily dose of inspiration and positivity to fuel their productivity.

31. Inspirational Quote Magnets

Create magnetic quotes adorned with inspiring messages to add a pop of motivation and creativity to their workspaces. These magnets serve as daily reminders of their potential and purpose, boosting morale and focus.

32. Stress Balls

Provide stress balls, perfect for squeezing and kneading during hectic workdays, allowing your employees to release tension and relax. These stress balls are the ideal stress-relief companions for busy remote workers.

Christmas Gifts For Remote Employees

Remote employees may not be in the office, but they're still an essential part of your team. Show your appreciation and spread holiday cheer with these 20 special Christmas gifts designed with remote work in mind:

33. Home Office Gift Set

Provide a set of home office essentials like a desk organizer, ergonomic accessories, and noise-canceling headphones.

34. Coffee Subscription

Provide a coffee subscription service that delivers freshly roasted beans to remote employees' doorsteps.

35. Digital Magazine or Book Subscription

Offer digital magazine or e-book subscriptions, allowing employees to relax and unwind with their favorite reading materials.

36. Virtual Assistant Device

Provide virtual assistant devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home to make their remote work tasks easier.

37. Subscription Box

Offer subscription boxes tailored to employees' interests, such as gourmet snacks, skincare products, or craft kits.

38. Home Exercise Equipment

Support their wellness with home exercise equipment like resistance bands, yoga mats, or hand weights.

39. Virtual Escape Room Game

Send your remote team an invitation to a virtual escape room experience, where they can put their problem-solving skills to the test while having a blast.

40. Online Streaming Subscription

Gift a subscription to a popular online streaming service, ensuring your remote employees have access to a vast library of entertainment during their downtime.

Wrapping It Up

At this time of year, when the spirit of giving and sharing is at its peak, it's important to offer your employees the gift that truly keeps on giving - the gift of choice.

With Spotlight, you're spreading festive cheer like never before. Through our point-based rewards and gift cards, your team can unwrap their own dreams. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards from their favorite brands, gourmet delights, tech wonders, stylish merchandise, and thrilling adventures - it's all within their reach. Why gift cards?

-Customizable Delight

Your team can select their preferred brands and experiences, making the gift a truly personal and meaningful gesture.

-Instant Recognition

Gift cards are an immediate and tangible way to recognize and appreciate their hard work, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

-Global Appeal

Whether your employees are across the street or around the world, gift cards transcend borders, making them universally appreciated.

-Simple Tracking

Easily keep track of rewards and redemptions, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

-Choice of Luxury

Gift cards allow employees to indulge in luxury items or experiences they might not otherwise purchase, enhancing their sense of reward and gratitude.

Point-Based Rewards

It's simple - they earn points, and voilà, the world of choice is at their fingertips! Why point-based rewards?

-Heightened Engagement

Boost motivation and engagement as employees actively work toward accumulating points, creating a dynamic and productive atmosphere.

-Flexible Recognition

Points-based rewards provide flexibility for recognizing achievements of all scales, from small wins to major milestones.

-Personalized Fulfillment

Employees can select rewards that resonate with their unique preferences and interests, enhancing their job satisfaction.

-Global Workforce Integration

Ideal for acknowledging and appreciating the diverse contributions of a global workforce, fostering a sense of unity.

-Measurable ROI

Easily measure the return on investment of your recognition program, ensuring that your efforts yield positive results.

With Spotlight, the joy of the holidays shines brighter than ever! Happy holidays! 

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